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ATTILA (USA) – 10 Years  “About That Life” EU Tour

6. Juli @ 18:00 18:30

Suppports: UnifyTX (Usa), Silenzer, IRIDESCENT ,Cold December

Forming in Atlanta in 2005, Attila set off on a mission to bring fun back to the metalscene and never looked back. Having to work against the odds every step of theway, the band quickly managed to gain national attention with their explosive energyon the stage, and their fearless attitude towards the opposition. With each release,the band tightened their grip on the throat of metalcore royalty, becoming an absolutemonster in the heavy music world and beyond. After seeing many buzz bands comeand go over the years, Attila continued to push their way uphill into a worldwidebrand. Don’t let the party lifestyle fool you, Attila is one of the hardest working bandsyou’ll ever come across, and they are far from done.

Kartenvorverkauf zum günstigsten Preis in allen Filialen der Steiermärkischen Sparkasse & auf (spark7 Steiermark Ermäßigung)


6. Juli
18:00 – 18:30
ppc BAR